mee,, and yuuzzz.... - CiinttYaSaanttOss

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mee,, and yuuzzz....

lalala ella me deciia como posarrr,, hehehe.....

ciinttYaaa saANTo0s Age: 22 Lives in: Sonora, Mexico Category: (No information)
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Guest Book (3)
pabe15 @ 04/07/2011 said:
q todobien , aqi andamos :). saludos alrton poes . aqki el loko del pabbbbbe¡¡ DLP
syam_vs14 @ 04/20/2011 said:
qee ondass priimaa psss ell otroo diiaa ii baa aa irr aa unaa fiiestaa aii enn laa miguell peroo noo fuimoss nooss
fuiimoss aa otraa todo viienn alrr primaaa
-eslij @ 04/28/2011 said:
iralaaaa bien sexý la locca :D

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