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These are the anwsers to our most common questions. Please read them carefully before sending us an email. Emails referring to questions answered in this section will be ignored.
What is metroFLOG?
metroFLOG gives you the possibility of creating a personal space to share with whoever you want. This space is completely personalisable ( you can include a personal description, favorite links and change the background colors). You can submit a daily photo to your metroFLOG and add a description or brief comment on it, giving your friends the possibility of posting their own comments and being automatically notified.
What is metroFLOG for?
Unlike other photo albums, metroFLOG allows you to share a commented daily photo for your friends to post on it, notifying them automatically.
Are all services available at metroFLOG free?
Yes, 100% so far
I found an inappropriate photo (porn, eschatological content or extremely violent, etc) What should I do?
MetroFLOG users are not allowed to have this kind of photo or image on their spaces. If you find a photo you consider inappropriate, you should report it using the "report photo" option, which can be found on the lower right side of the photo.
How to use metroFLOG?
-Create my metroFLOG account
Click on any of the SignUp links located at the Home or at the user's login bar. Next, complete all the required fields and make sure you entered the correct email address since a confirmation email will be sent there in order to continue with the registration process.

-Upload photos
After the confirmation of your email address through the link sent to it, you must submit a picture. Remember this photo will be the first to appear in your metroFLOG of the day. You can also attach a comment to it

-Invite and notify friends and contacts
On the next step you have the possibility of notifying your contacts automatically. You can do so by using a simple tool we offer, quickly getting your contacts from MSN Hotmail. If you don't have an MSN Hotmail email, you can do it manually on the next step.

-Choose preferences of my metroFLOG
Finally, you have to choose your metroFLOG preferences (background colors, text, links, admission and privacy). All the preferences can be modified as well as any other information entered before
Why am i not receiving the confirmation email?
Make sure your program or webmail is not blocking our emails. It is probable that your email has been configured in High Security mode. Therefore, every email sent from an address not belonging to your contact list will be automatically ignored, not even getting to the Junk Mail folder. To solve this problem, you must add the address to your contact list.
Why is the confirmation link not working?
Try copying and pasting the link on your Web browser.
The system will not take my photo, how do i make it work?
If you have blocked cookies on your web browser, they must be enabled.
When I try to submit a picture, I get a "Page not found" or "Server not found" error. What's wrong?
Your picture is probably taking too long to upload. The file might be too big. You might need to reduce the size of the file.
Everytime I log in and do anything, the system asks me to log in again! How do I solve this problem?
Your cookies might have been corrupted. You can fix it by deleting them: Close all your web browser windows. Go to the Start Menu select the Search option and search for "metroFLOG" files inside your windows directory (most likely c:\windows\). Make sure subfolders are being included as well. Delete all founded files. Open your web browser again.
A friend of mine has a metroFLOG account. Is there any way I can find him/her without looking through metroFLOGs randomly?
The only way to go directly to a metroFLOG is through the direct link that your friend can give you (the direct link is set up the following way: Therefore you can only access your friends`metroFLOGS by knowing their user names.
I can not remember my user name/password, can you help me?
Registered users that have a verified email address can click on "forgot your password" on the lower part of the user`s window. After loading your email address we will send you an email with all your information.
Can I get contact info for someone I saw on the site? Can you help me in any way to get in touch with someone?
No, we will not provide a user´s email address under any circumstance.
If someone wants to contact other people, he has to do it through their respective metroFLOGS.
Can I remove a photo from my account?
To remove a photo of your account you must go to "My photos", then to "Photo album", and finally select the photo you want to remove. Once you have selected the photo, you will only need to click on the "Delete photo" button.
Can I remove or replace my daily photo and its comment?
You can't change photographs or comments from earlier days. If you want you can remove them (FAQ #14), but never modify them. However, if you have uploaded a new photo you want to change during the day, you will have the chance to remove it and upload a new one.
Can I change the email address associated with my account?
To change your password or the email address related to your account, you must go to "configuration" on the metroFLOG Menu. Once you are there, click on "user`s information" and you will be able to change your password or email address. Remember you have to verify the new email address entered.
Can I change my user name or the title of my metroFLOG?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your User Name. However, though your metroFLOG's title might at first be the same as your name, you can change it whenever you want. To do so, you have to access the "configuration" section on your metroFLOG menu and then go to "preferences". You can change the tile there.
Can I upload any kind of photo or content to my metroFLOG?
Though you are free to upload a large range of material, we will not, under any circumstance, tolerate content forbidden by law, such as porn, extremely violent or eschatological content. Any person uploading such material will be automatically taken down from the site and blocked for undefinite time.
Can I delete a received or sent sign?
You can only delete signs received on your metroFLOG.
How do I add links to my Friends/Favorites list?
When visiting your Friends/Favorites metroFLOGs, you can add them as a "favorite" to your metroFLOG by selecting the option "Add to Friends/Favorites", below the metroFLOG title.
How can I add links to other websites or favorite blogs?
You must choose the "Configuration" option on your MetroFlog menu. Next, select the "Profile" option and you will be able to Add favorite links, which appear on the right side of your metroFLOG.
Can I upload more than one photo per day?
metroFLOG has an inteligent algorithm that extends the GuestBook's limit of signatures, and also the one photo per day limit to the most active and popular users. This algorithm uses a secret formula based on who are the users of your favorites' opposite list, the amount of signatures you receive every time you upload a picture, and another metrics more.
How do I do to protect the intellectual property of my pictures or prevent copying?
To protect the intellectual property of your picture without restricting copying you can introduce a watermark. To do that, when you upload the picture to "My Metroflog" you must select the option shown in step 3: "Add watermark". Then you select your color, size and location preferences. It's important that you remember that through this mechanism, the watermark must be introduced every time you upload a picture. If you want it to be introduced automatically you must select that option in "Configuration".
How can I prevent copying of my pictures?
To prevent and restrict copying of your pictures you must check the option "Want to block download of your pictures with right click?" on the "Configuration" option of the user menu. It's important that you remember that this will not completely, though in most cases, prevent copying of your pictures.
How can I have more than 20 signatures in my GuestBook?
metroFLOG has an inteligent algorithm that extends the GuestBook's limit of signatures, and also the one photo per day limit to the most active and popular users. This algorithm uses a secret formula based on who are the users of your favorites' opposite list, the amount of signatures you receive every time you upload a picture, and another metrics more.
How long will my extra photos and signatures last?
Your extra signatures and photos will last forever! Once you unlock them they can't be removed